Epiphany Education Center

In April 2005, Epiphany Education Center was created as an intercommunity literacy project, developed to support struggling elementary and middle school students in the city of Detroit. Lead by IHM and Adrian Dominican sisters who understood the call to serve our most valuable resource, our children. After 15 years, Epiphany Education Center continues to provide free supplemental learning services which complement the school day. All of Epiphany’s programs including tutoring, book clubs and summer camp function to support promote and maintain the availability & accessibility of literacy services and materials in high poverty areas.

Our Vision

Epiphany Education Center is envisioned as a place where trained tutors, qualified teachers and volunteers help students to develop academically, improve self-esteem, and imbibe values that foster a peaceful society. Tutors, parents, schools and students work together to create individual learning plans which address the individual needs of each student.

The Center aligns itself with Samaritan Center’s vision and core values of dignity, respect, excellence and self-worth. Both Epiphany and Samaritan Centers are participants in the rebuilding of Detroit’s East Side.

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    Our Mission

    Epiphany’s mission is to increase elementary and middle school student’s academic achievement in math & reading, promote self-confidence, encourage community activism and develop 21st Century competencies.

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    Thank You.

    We believe collaboration is the key to our students success. Our network of parents, schools and community partners enable us to leverage partnerships and resources to make the most impact. We would like to thank our local partners who help us maximize our community impact.

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